Transport Equipment in Automation - Handling Equipment – Feeding Equipment - Transport systems

Automation and combination of machinery and equipment in mechanical engineering and the automotive industry

KBH Produktions-Automation offers its customers comprehensive solutions with the fully automated interconnection of highly productive manufacturing processes and flexible transport systems for time-saving adjustments in series production. Our company plans, develops and delivers: transport conveyor systems, roller conveyors, handling systems, pallet handling equipment, gantry loaders, transfer systems (with or without workpiece carrier), and individual solutions for specific mechanical engineering.

New development – annealing furnace cooling line conveyors

The on-going innovative development of our roller conveyors with a fixed drive is represented by an annealing furnace cooling line. The roller conveyors transport work pieces that are freely transported on a graphite and ceramic pallet.

The cooling line has a total length of 8 meters. Transport time is about 1 hour. Work pieces cool from 180 to 60°C during that time.

Pallets are carefully reloaded from the furnace output conveyor onto the cooling line by means of a special system.

This transport system is equipped with its own aluminium section that we developed. The live rollers are manufactured from a solid material and have a fixed drive. The conveyor drive is controlled by means of a frequency converter.

CAD - 2D und 3D

We project and design in 2D and in 3D

We perform development and design exclusively in-house with specialists that have extensive practical experience in design activities and CAD application. We can process both 2D and 3D CAD data from our customers, and interrelate this with our design activities.

We rely on many years of continuity, also in relations between our project managers and responsible contact partners in our customers’ companies. In both of our plants in Wiesbaden and Přerov, engineers, technicians and specialists work on various assignments, specifically focusing on the individual requirements of our customers.

KBH competence in automation

KBH has been supplying feeding equipment, transport equipment, transport conveyor systems, transfer systems, and handling systems to its customers for many years. In doing so, planning, development, as well as implementation are largely carried out directly at the company. Thanks to many years of experience and consistent specialization, products for automation that are themselves suitable for harder working conditions can be offered in the area of handling equipment and transport systems. Many of these products are used in three-shift operation in large lot production. Such applications are characterized by low maintenance costs and long life.

The large range of customers includes, among others, mechanical engineering and automotive industry companies. That is why in order to meet customer requirements, in the area of special mechanical engineering the main emphasis is on gantry loaders, tool magazines, straightening machines, and transport systems. KBH also offers an innovative, flexible and economical solution in the areas of automated equipment and material flow equipment. In addition to this, the enterprise develops and designs individual solutions for complete automated systems and special machines.

KBH achieves product quality especially thanks to an enormous level of production within its own plant. In addition, customers can be offered advanced solutions within short time frames, thanks to our own design development in the field of mechanical engineering, feeding equipment, and automation. This results in the smooth integration of innovative automated solutions with wide service support. A simple and transparent price structure crowns the complete picture of our company. A consequence of this is our clear advantage in the decision making process of potential buyers over other companies that operate in the field of automation and handling equipment.