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Pallet Accumulation Chain Conveyor – Transport Band

pallet accumulating conveyor


Accumulation chain conveyor for pallets and workpiece carriers

A transport system for heavy and bulky workpieces that require transport on pallets, workpiece carriers, or carrying cases.

Fields of application:
  • Pallet transport of heavy workpieces
  • For dry machining
  • Semi-products with a cast or forged layer
  • Bulky and heavy workpieces
  • With a sensitive or unstable seating surface
  • Accumulation roller chain with high loading capacity
  • Aluminium pallets with a workpiece seating surface and steel bars
  • Rugged steel roller chain, wear-resistant
  • Conveyor is simple to install
  • Economical heavy-duty transport system
  • Installation of a conveyor with a free centre and open to building in stations
  • Careful transport of workpieces
Pallet Accumulation Chain Conveyor – Transport Band


Pallet Accumulation Chain Conveyor – Transport Band

Technical drawing of an accumulation chain conveyor

An accumulation roller conveyor is manufactured in various versions of lengths and sizes.

Technical drawing - Pallet Accumulation Chain Conveyor