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Pallet Chain Conveyor – Transport Belt

Pallet Chain Conveyor - KBH Production Automation


Transport system with workpiece carriers

The transport of workpieces is carried out carefully on specially adapted pallets on a KBH pallet chain conveyor. The return of empty pallets is carried out under the workpiece transport line. In this way, this transport system becomes particularly advantageous in terms of space saving.

Fields of application:
  • Linear arrangement with cumulative transportrt
  • Careful transport of first-quality workpieces
  • For confined spaces
  • Passenger car crankshafts
  • Passenger car camshafts
  • Truck camshafts
  • Conveyor width adaptable to a workpiece length
  • Transport of pallets on a steel Triplex roller chain
  • Pallet control by forced carrying via self-contained drive
  • Space saving installation
  • Return of pallets saves the space it is led under
  • Functionally safe pallet turning by means of forced engagement
Pallet Chain Conveyor



Video - Pallet Chain Conveyor

Technical drawing – Pallet Chain Conveyor

Pallet Chain Conveyor