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Shaft straightening machine - KBH Production Automation


KBH straightening machine

KBH manufactures straightening machines in two basic series, up to 10t and 30t bending force. The company has obtained patent no. 0979690 for a completely new round workpiece straightening concept.

The decisive innovation consists of a servo-drive built centrically in the upper part of a machine, this transfers a linear straightening force by means of a cam through a straightening mandrel to a workpiece. In combination with completely newly developed software, this concept allows more accurate straightening results than previously. It has been possible to implement solutions of the most difficult straightening problems for small crankshafts, drive shafts and shift forks with this perspective concept.

Shaft straightening machines:

An automatic straightening line to straighten rotary parts, such as shafts, connecting rods, and other rotary parts.


Types of drive:
  • Electromagnetic drive, servomotors, and pneumatic cylinder
  • A straightening line can be used multiple sizes of one concrete component
  • Laser measuring
  • High accuracy
  • Pre-programmed self-learning straightening process
  • Straightening process evaluation
shaft straightening machine


shaft straightening machine

3D technical drawing of a KBH shaft straightening machine

3D technical drawing of a KBH shaft straightening machine