Chain Conveyors – Transport Conveyor for the Transport of Workpieces

Toothed Chain Conveyor

Toothed Chain Conveyor


Transport Conveyor / Toothed Chain Conveyor

A transport system designed for cases of extreme utilization. For the combination of machine tools to transport workpieces, from semi-products up to finished products.

Fields of application::
  • Production areas with a high occurrence of chips after machining
  • Dry machining
  • Semi-products with a cast or forged layer
  • Rotationally symmetrical workpieces with or without a hub
  • Workpieces with a maximum weight of up to 50 kg
  • Heavy version for workpieces above 50 kg
  • Extremely robust long-life steel transport chain
  • Resistant to chips as well as aggressive steel and cast-iron chips
  • S-grün material or hardened steel chain guard
  • Simple, variable installation of a conveyor
  • Workpiece placing thanks to arranged transport
  • Permanently maintenance-free

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chain conveyor

Technical drawing

A chain conveyor is manufactured in various lengths, chain widths, and sizes.

Technical drawing - toothed chain conveyor