Transport conveyor with drag frames for the transport of workpieces

Conveyor with drag frames

Conveyor with drag frames


A KBH conveyor with drag frames is available in light-weight or heavy versions.
This is a transport system with open frames, serving to transport and quickly change workpieces in the automation of machining centres. Both rotationally symmetrical parts and parts of almost any form of envelope can be transported. Thanks to the NC-drive, the accuracy of part positioning is approx. 0.3 mm. The transport of a workpiece is carried out by means of a chain with hollow pins into which drag frames are hung. Drag frames are mostly mounted manually. Finished workpieces can be taken from the transport system during a machining process.

Heavy version

Fields of application:

  • Transport of a workpiece on moving plates
  • Dry and wet machining
  • Semi-products with a cast or forged layer
  • Suitable for rugged seating surfaces
  • For light-weight and medium-heavy workpieces up to 35 kg
  • Stable seating surface
  • Chain with hollow pins in which drag frames are hung
  • Drag frames can be in various versions, numbers and sizes
  • Drag frames are simple to replace
  • Possibility of part positioning accuracy specification
  • Very short workpiece change time
  • Wide range of workpieces without the necessity of re-adjusting

Towing Frame Conveyor

Towing Frame Conveyor
heavy version


Conveyor with drag frames

Towing Frame Conveyor
schwere Baureihe

Light-weight version:

The light-weight version of a conveyor with drag frames is characterized by the same positive properties and application advantages as the heavy version.


New development

For all innovations applied in the development of a light-weight conveyor with frames, emphasis has always been placed on the core idea, i.e. to develop a cheap workpiece transport system that will be simple to modify according to customers’ wishes and needs.


Special advantages of the light-weight series:

  • Structural design at favourable price
  • Simple to install
  • Economical transport of light-weight and small workpieces
  • Belt length can be adapted to space requirements

Video - Towing Frame Conveyor
light-weight version:


Conveyor with drag frames

Towing Frame Conveyor
Light-weight version: